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Eureka Lab Book, custom, high quality Laboratory Notebooks
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Eureka Lab Book, Inc. manufactures Stock books, custom stamped stock books, and true custom designed books. Our custom designed books have no limitations with regard to size, page count, colors, quality of paper and construction.

When it comes to archival quality books no other company compares "apples to apples" across the board on integrity, quality, customization and price to Eureka Lab Book, Inc. .. a tradition of quality since 1890.
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Standard Lab Books

96 Page Laboratory Notebook

A4 Lab Book

Scientific Notebook

Oversized Lab Books

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Record Books

11 x 8 1/2" Labratory Notebook

NCR Duplicate Notebook
Polypaper Lab Notebook

Polypaper Journal

Custom Designed


Polypaper indestructible paper notebook!



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$33.00 ea.

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$37.00 ea $35.00 ea $33.00 ea

Any and all outdoor enthusiasts that are serious about permanent record keeping. Behold the perfect combination of paper and plastic, combined with the integrity of bookbinding that Eureka Lab Book, Inc. has made a staple of their core business for over 100 years. The heavy-weight synthetic Polypaper, nylon thread, and 100 gauge graphic board fully wrapped in buckram cover material make this book the most durable and permanent on the market.

Polypaper books are archival quality, durable notebooks that stand up to water, weather, grease, some chemicals, and have pages that resist tearing in either direction.



Archival quality notebooks that are resistant to tear. The polyart pages resist tearing from all directions (has no grain direction).


Our polypaper books stand up the harshest conditions, including seawater. Piece of mind that your journal's data will be safer in outdoor conditions.


Polypaper books are resistant not only to water, seawater and other water based liquids, but are also resistant to oily substances (grease, oil, motor oil). The pages even resist chemical substances (ammonia, caustic soda, isopropic alcohol).


Our books can withstand heat up to the extreme of 140 degrees fahrenheit, and sub freezing temperatures of negative 76 degrees fahrenheit.

The polypaper pages have good UV resistance and weathering characteristics. Polypaper does not shrink or become brittle.

**The pages of our books comply with Class 10 clean room specifications; check with your department to ensure the materials that make up the book meets the criteria for your company. Our support department can email you the exact materials we use**

Environmentally Friendly

  • Polyart is 100% recyclable (category 2 HDPE)
  • The manufacturing process is clean and production waste is recycled

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